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Essex Boys & Girls Clubs is a club for clubs.


Our members are a network of affiliated youth clubs across Essex and London.

Our member clubs are diverse, ranging from the small rural youth clubs with under 20 members that meet once a fortnight, to large multi-facility clubs with over 500 members and open almost 24 hours a day. All of our member clubs are run by volunteers and register a membership of young people who pay ‘subs’, from as little as 20p per session, to attend. Some of our clubs also offer drop-in, outreach or targeted services alongside their membership.


The EBGC activity programme gives clubs access a wide variety of additional acivities, extending the facilities they can offer to their members and aiding the all-round development of young people.



                                                          Why do clubs affiliate? 

To be part of our growing network of like-minded organisations.

To access our club support services an activity program.

The EBGC activity program gives clubs access to a wide variety of additional activities. Extending the facilities we can offer to their members and aiding the all-round development of young people.


Our Service for Affiliated Clubs

Each of the affiliated clubs in our network is assigned a Club Servicing Officer, who is a point of contact. A club can expect their CSO to visit a few times a year. This is to see how the club is getting on and address any questions you might have. They will also be in touch by phone and email more often and a club can call their CSO or anyone else in the team with queries.

Whether you have a query about how to handle a situation, are thinking about fundraising or if you’d like to book one of our activities or centres, just get in touch on 01245 264783, or contact us.

Annual Affiliation Renewal is due on April 1st each year.

If you are already an affiliated club, please fill out our Club Affiliation renewal form. This needs to be sent back to us here at the office.

Not sure what to write? Please call our Club Development Team for some help.

Download a Club Affiliation Renewal Form 2021-22

Interested in affiliating your club?

Affiliation is a partnership – we support you and your club members and in turn, we expect you to get your club engaged in our activities. The affiliation process begins with a phone call chat, then a visit. If appropriate, we may then put your club forward to our Executive Committee for their approval to affiliate.

New Club Affiliation Form 2021-22

Download our Upcoming Event Calendar for 2021/22

Please download our upcoming event calendar for all our events from January 2022.

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions about any upcoming event or would like to book your place please call the office on 01245 264783