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EBGC Apprentices and VTeam members went to Northern Ireland to partake in an exchange program along side Northern Ireland and Republic Ireland the exchange took place in Northern Ireland.

The Causeway Exchange Programme had been developed as a means of helping to strengthen and improve relationships between young people on the islands of Britain and Ireland. It was designed to contribute to the development of strategies aimed at diminishing misunderstandings. We wanted to focus on bridging cultural differences between participants and to overcome perceived stereotypes, prejudices and misunderstanding that may separate and divide young people from different cultural backgrounds across these islands.

 “An awesome week away and a great opportunity to meet new young people from Ireland and Northern Ireland” (Quote from EBGC Apprentice Katie Pullen)

“Experience that taught us about cultures and different people with unlimited fun” (Quote from VTeam member Anjaly Patel)

“It was a unique and an amazing opportunity to experience different cultures and people” (Quote from VTeam member Connor Guy)