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The NABC Boxing Championships 2022 are back. Get your tickets for the Live Stream here!

The EBGC will be hosting rounds of the NABC Boxing Championships on the dates above. With the event behind closed doors, we will be live streaming each bout.

The London Federation of Boys Club boxing championships or the “Feds” as they have been known for much of their history, first took place at the turn of the 20th Century around 1903. They were the first youth championships of their kind in the country and really formalised youth boxing in the UK. The “Feds” were later to become a quarter-final round of the National Association of Boys Clubs or NABC championships.

The NABCs was and still is a truly UK event with young people taking part from all four countries that make up the United Kingdom and almost every British professional World Champion and British fighter would have progressed through the NABC Championships.

Finals of the Feds and the NABCs have taken place at venues such as the Albert Hall as well as top London Hotels such as the Café Royal, Grosvenor and Park lane Hilton. Often attracting the great and good and famous. The Duke of Edinburgh was a regular attendee back in the 1950s.

These Championships were regularly reported on and shown midweek on BBC TV on the Harry Carpenter sports night right up until the programme stopped being aired in the late 90s.

Now, the NABCs are back and will be live-streamed for the first time in its long-standing history!

Dates & Event Names:

Friday 4th November – London Rounds

Saturday 5TH November – Anglian Prelims and Finals and London Prelims

Sunday 6th November – London Semi-Finals and Anglian Finals

Friday 11th November – London Semi-finals

Saturday 12th November – London Finals

Sunday 13th November – Regional Rounds Anglia v Southern Counties


Friday Times: 7pm-12am
Weekend 1: 12pm-11pm

Weekend 2: 12pm-11pm


£15 per event or

If 5 or 6 events £60 or if 4 events £45

Live Stream Link:

NABC Boxing Championships 2022

If you’re interested in tickets for the live stream, register your interest below and we’ll email you when they’re available.